Improvement aaaa

So this blog is supposed to be free from fantrolls, aside from art bUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT. (besides this is art sorta)

So many times I find myself sulking thinking I’ve barely improved artwise. From now on I’m just gonna point at this. LOOK AT IT… ;u; It makes me so happy tbh hhhh…


Ok so this was the first ever talksprite I did, for Arella…. I made it like 2-3 years ago?


And then there’s this one… From 1 year ago. I think I tried to make it look like the original hs-sprites.


And now this one I finished yesterday like ayyyyyy

This makes me really happy

  1. romanletters said: Du är awesome, det är ett faktum! Och superduktig, skithäftigt att se hur du har utvecklats. :D
  2. skeleton-hellflame said: Tjenare, vilka skillnader o.o
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